There’s a lot going on under the surface of Allie Bourne’s first release. The 15-year-old singer-songwriter draws on the undercurrents, waves, and storms that lurk behind daily existence, and transforms them into stark statements of beauty and truth.


Raised in a musical family, Allie has sung since day one, but didn’t experiment with songwriting until age 10. The fact that this was largely unknown to the outside world didn’t bother her. But in the late days of 2019, she stopped composing in secret, leaving her bedroom door open for all to hear.



Not long after, she made her first studio recording: Diving. It’s a statement straight from the heart and the soul—one that reflects her independent and imaginative spirit, and a deep appreciation of art and nature.


When she’s not composing, singing, or attending high school in the Pacific Northwest, Allie is practicing her photography, studying fashion, and dreaming of French Macarons.


Diving is available on streaming services starting today.

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