Allen Clapp and Alison Faith Levy have been mainstays of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene since the 1990s.

Alison was a member of cult-fave indie band The Loud Family,  the psychedelic rock band for kids The Sippy Cups, and Americana duo McCabe & Mrs. Miller with Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven. Allen is the founder, lead singer and songwriter of NoCal pop darlings The Orange Peels, and the founder of Mystery Lawn Music, an independent record label and recording studio based in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They have each released multiple critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively, both with their respective bands and as solo artists.

Allen and Alison have been friends and musical peers for many years, circling each other in the Bay Area music scene, and when Alison began to make solo albums for children and families, she tapped Allen to produce them in his Mystery Lawn studio.

The two found that they quickly developed a creative musical shorthand with each other, and collaborating was a natural breeze. It was inevitable that they should eventually form a band and write songs together, it was only a matter of time.

Fueled by the sun-drenched redwood trees that surround Mystery Lawn, a friendship forged in music-making, and a deep love and appreciation for the music of the 70s, Leafy Seadragon is their chance to dig deeper into their formative roots as musicians, and come up with a sound that connects them to a place and time that feels authentic and joyful.

On their debut outing, the duo are joined by Santa Cruz guitarist Ray Newkirk, a craftsman of both riff and abode.

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Their first single, “Disagree to Disagree” hits on Oct. 22 on all digital streaming and download services.