The upcoming debut release from My Little Hum, Remembering Houses, is a glittery pop mixture of shimmering guitars, infectious melodies, and earworm female vocal harmonies wrapped in a thoughtful, introspective bow. The album, produced and engineered by Allen Clapp (Orange Peels), is due out September 8 on Mystery Lawn Music

While enrolled in a geography class about San Francisco, Yuri Jewett began to craft story-like songs reflecting upon the place she called home for more than two decades. Her husband, Dan Jewett joined her by adding his melodic touch and his perspective on their lives together in the Bay Area during the 1990s and beyond.

Dan explains, “San Francisco is a landscape that has transformed — and going back to remember those places where we slept, drank, and walked the streets late at night was the first step in discovering that there were nine songs waiting to see the light of day.” The songs flow from a candlelit cabin at “Steep Ravine” on the Northern California coast; or stuck “Sideways” somewhere between the sun and the fog; to a “Geography Lesson” about bathymetry and altimetry where Yuri sings about landscape changes coming to a city that must contend with rising seas.

The album lands on the unexpected and faraway resting place of the Canadian province of Alberta, a two part story about the demise of Yuri’s family farmhouse and her grandmother’s departure from the waves of grain to a new urban life.

The imagery of their California home also makes an appearance on the single, “Rise Over Run.” It was inspired by a geography class Yuri took which focused on San Francisco. She began to reflect upon all the places she has lived and how much the city has changed. The song talks about the current struggle many people see in the Bay Area, especially of longtime artists trying to live side-by-side with the booming tech industry. She explains, “There is no formula for happiness. Finding it is an uphill climb and how far one has to go to achieve it is relative.” The song title refers to an uphill struggle as the formula elevation (rise) over distance (run) becomes a hidden architectural and cultural message.

Remembering Houses Track Listing

  1. Rise Over Run
  2. Steep Ravine
  3. Chicken Song
  4. Ever Fallen In Love
  5. Sideways
  6. Geography Lesson
  7. Take Care of You
  8. Alberta I: Ready-Made
  9. Alberta II: Isn’t the Wheat Pretty


About My Little Hum

My Little Hum is made up of husband and wife duo Yuri Jewett (vocals/bass) and Dan Jewett (guitar/bass). Their debut album, Remembering Houses, was produced and engineered by Allen Clapp (Orange Peels) and is being released on Mystery Lawn Music. The album features both Gabriel Coan (Orange Peels) and Bob Vickers (Incredible Vickers Brothers, Orange Peels) on drums, as well as Myles Boisen (Tom Waits, Fred Frith) on lap steel guitar.