What can you expect from The Corner Laughers on their third outing? Poppy Seeds finds the Bay Area quartet turning its sights on the beautiful and melancholy wonders of the Golden State.

From “The Bells of El Camino” (which features a duet with Hollywood’s pop darling Mike Viola — not to mention a handbell choir) to the San Francisco treat “Transamerica Pyramid,” the band explores new musical territory with a sound that is always unmistakably their own.

But their subjects aren’t all local — or even necessarily real. Their flowery, poetic paen to time itself, “Grasshopper Clock,” references a Cambridge landmark and features psychedelic popster Anton Barbeau on vocals and keyboards. Maybe that’s one reason they landed on Word Magazine’s July music sampler?

Music critics have already exchanged superlatives, and are in agreement that the record is irresistible. New critiques seem to come in daily, including this one, and this one from Italy. This is a nice one that tells the story more broadly, and here’s a full-fledged feature with some sweet photos to boot.