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Mystery Lawn Mountain now has its own weather station! It’s a Bloomsky personal weather station (PWS) that senses temperature, barometric pressure, UV, and humidity. It will also sense rain, but can’t measure rainfall amounts or wind speeds (yet). The company that make these self-contained, solar-powered stations is only a year and a half old, and new features and functions are being added almost monthly.

One of the main reasons we chose it was the integrated weather camera, which updates every 5 minutes, and automatically composes and posts a daily weather timelapse at sundown. There are a few different ways you can follow the weather on Mystery Lawn Mountain.

Weather Underground PWS KCABOULD52Weather UndergroundOur weather station is linked with thousands of other devices on the brilliant Weather Underground (our station’s current conditions are listed in the widget to the left). If you’ve never tried it, it’s kind of addictive. Start exploring reports from weather stations near you and you might be surprised to find how local you can get. Our station is called “Mystery Lawn” and our WU Station ID# is KCABOULD52 in the San Lorenzo Woods. See what the forecast is now, or see what the weather has been like lately.

BloomskyThe people who make the Bloomsky weather station also have web and mobile apps that allow you to track the weather at Mystery Lawn Mountain, or wherever a Bloomsky PWS is installed. Turns out, there are quite a few, especially in San Francisco,  . . . . View the latest weather conditions, snapshots, and weathercam timelapses on the Bloomsky web app. For more detailed local information about us and the other weathercams on the Bloomsky network, download the Bloomsky mobile app.

Eventually, we’ll get the code that links current snapshots and timelapses to the Mystery Lawn website and Weather Underground.. Until then, here are some of our favorite timelapses from the past couple months. Enjoy!


What almost 3″ of rain looks like

A video posted by Allen Clapp (@lofiluther) on


A video posted by Allen Clapp (@lofiluther) on

A video posted by Allen Clapp (@lofiluther) on