Zithers ringing in distant autumn sunsets. Harmonies that summon the dawn. Themes that are both ancient and prescient. All shrouded in mystery, and accompanied by a bevy of Bay Area talent. Welcome to Summerfield: Songs of Degrees.

Born in 1959 to Radio and Television Broadcaster parents, Ed Ford Summerfield grew up in 1960’s New York City and 1970’s Southern California before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1983 to co-found originals band The Secret Sons of The Pope.

Summerfield’s Songs of Degrees is a lovingly recorded compiler of favored songs from his entire musical career and has been fairly described as Retro Psychedelic-Folk Progressive Art Rock.

Ed hopes his listeners faintly crave his music the way he craved fresh fig newtons as a 10-year old listening to Sgt. Pepper as the other kids happily played stick ball in the New York neighborhood street.

Still too mysterious? Read an interview with Mr. Summerfield from the lost days of summer. Try to find out more. We dare you.



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